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Lake Norman Animal Rescue is made up of volunteers who are trying to make a difference one pet at a time.Our mission is to rescue adoptable pets in shelters during their last hours. We transport these pets from local shelters to other rescues. We list pets that are still in shelters that are awaiting rescue.
LNAR was founded in February 2004. We were conceived as a rescue group that worked a little differently. Our volunteers desired to rescue the often overlooked, highly adoptable pets that had, through no fault of their own, been abandoned in animal control shelters throughout the Lake Norman region. These animals we felt were truly the most critical cases and needed a voice. We chose to become that voice.

All of our animals are temperament tested for adoptability before they enter our program. We work closely with several animal control shelters and we are always seeking out those pets with that indescribable “something special.” We feel that when you meet our animals, you will understand what we are talking about. Our adoptable pets reside in loving foster homes with our families. We look for highly adoptable pets that are good with other animals, children, and a variety of situations. That said, we understand there is a rainbow of personality traits and we strive to match the pet to the right family. You will know everything we know about our animals, and we will work with you to help acclimate your new pet(s) to their new environment. We ask that you be open to training techniques, including crate training.

We also promote responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs. We are an all-volunteer charity that currently does not have a facility. Instead, we exist through a network of private foster homes.

We are a non-profit, 501-c-3 organization. We do not receive funding from any other source other than public donations made directly to our organization. We are a sister agency of Lake Norman Animal Rescue.

NEW ANIMALS FROM HORDING SITUATION. We are so grateful to Iredell County Animal Control for giving us the opportunity to save 8 of the 30 dogs seized on Leap Day in North Iredell County. These sweet babies are currently being evaluated and vetted. Please check our site for more updates. We currently are accepting donations to help with their care. All in our care are small terrier mixes who are filthy and tramatized but otherwise look good.


2010: 106 and still counting!!
2009: 139
2008: 270
2007: 279
2006: 174
2005: 110
2004: 97